April Client of the Month-Holly

We are incredibly grateful to announce our very first Client of the Month-Holly.  Holly's story is extremely inspiring and her presence at the Studio makes every day brighter.  We adore her generous spirit, her commitment to her health, her love of her family, and her endless compassion and kindness.  She is one remarkable woman and we are humbled to share her Pilates story with you.

"I’m a mom to three phenomenal teenagers and run a local business along with my husband. For the first 41 years of my life I was fortunate to enjoy very few health issues, and was active every day with hiking, yoga and spin class. The week before I turned 41 my world was turned upside down by a health crisis: a simple virus had triggered an autoimmune kidney disease called IgA Nephropathy. Months of high-dose steroid treatment fortunately kicked the disease into remission, but at a high cost to my body. My previously strong and flexible muscles withered away, and I was plagued by joint pain. I’ve been slowly working on regaining my endurance, but still feel a bit like humpy dumpty every day as I struggle to put myself back together. It’s a vicious cycle- the steroids caused significant weight gain which aggravates the joint pain, so I’d like to increase my activity level to get back into shape and feel better, but the joint pain makes it difficult to do the activities I love. I’m obviously thankful that my kidneys are doing better but I know I need to be as healthy as I can, physically and mentally, to stay in remission.

When I saw that a Pilates studio had opened in our community, I jumped at the chance to try something new, with the hopes that I could begin to rebuild my strength. My heart was pounding as I walked into my first session, nervous that I would not be able to handle the challenges that strange equipment held for me. Within minutes of talking to Katie, my fears were put to rest. Katie’s gentle, encouraging nature along with her incredible knowledge of Pilates and overall wellness made me feel optimistic for the first time in months. Katie assured me that we would meet my body where it is at, and slowly strengthen and stretch not just my core and the big muscle groups that were causing me so much pain and frustration, but the many other muscles that could be engaged to help relieve the pain I was enduring. At the end of our first session- which was challenging but not at all overwhelming- I felt stronger already. Katie gave me simple ideas for stretches to do at home, and by the following week my chronic neck and shoulder pain was almost gone.

It’s been a busy and stressful spring, but I made a commitment to a weekly Pilates session and the difference it has made is incredible. My overall pain level has decreased, I feel stronger (and taller!) and have been able to gradually add more activity back into my day. The physical benefits have been incredible, but an unexpected bonus has been the support for my overall health. Katie’s skills as a certified Health Coach, as well as her willingness to share her own personal health journey, has been a true gift. My husband, who has suffered from back pain for years, and my son and daughter who are high school athletes have also benefited from sessions with Katie. I feel so lucky that Katie chose to open her studio in our community, and look forward to continuing to incorporate Pilates into my family’s health journey."

Katie Jean Trzebiatowski