May Client of the Month-Molly

We are pleased to announce our May Client of the Month-Molly!  Many of you have been inspired by Molly's commitment to Pilates throughout the majority of her pregnancy.  On a very personal level, she has been my closest friend during my own pregnancy and she has a very special place in my heart.  Molly made staying active throughout her pregnancy a priority in her life and I know that she will reap the benefits this coming weekend when she welcomes her son into the world.  She is fiercely strong and I am so proud of her proper core activation and posture throughout her pregnancy.  We love you Molly and can't wait to see you become a mama!  

"Client of the Month! Who would have thought that I would have ever been that! My name is Molly Jacobs and I started coming to North River Pilates the week that they opened. I was searching my Facebook and saw an article of a new Pilates studio in town, read it and became more curious. I went on Katie’s webpage and was jumping for joy when I saw she was offering a class for pregnant women! I had tried prenatal yoga, but that was just not my speed. I wanted to feel a burn, and feel like I am working out. I am such a workout class junkie that I knew I needed to start my Pilates journey ASAP.

What brought me to Pilates?
I had taken a mat Pilates class in college and I just loved it. Here in the Wausau area it is hard to find a Pilates class and I had always wanted to get back into it again. I am one of these ladies that likes a burn, but I hate running to get my exercise. Pilates is such a great workout because even doing the smallest reps of it you are targeting such a specific muscle group and let me tell you… you feel the burn! I also knew that I did not want to be overdoing it since now I am 39 weeks pregnant. It has been so great because I still can get a workout in and feel amazing about my body.

What changes have you noticed in your body?
I have noticed that I have been able to almost keep a “belly” only pregnancy. I have not gained much weight anywhere else. My legs have been staying toned and that was huge for me. I was overweight a few years ago and lost over 50lbs. So when I had gotten pregnant and started to gain this baby weight it was getting harder and harder for me to like my body. I knew I needed to do something to keep me in shape. I have noticed that I am not so stiff, and I actually can move around quite well still at this stage in my pregnancy. I was able to keep the flexibility and as I said overall tone in my legs.

What keeps you coming back?
KATIE!!! She is the reason I keep coming back week after week! She is an amazing instructor and she will push you as hard as possible. I may give her dirty looks because my arms are feeling like jello, but she just keeps pushing because she knows you have more in you! The classes/sessions are just so well put together and the studio is so inviting. I have finally found a place where I fit in!

What is your favorite Pilates move?
I love anything and everything on the reformer. However, during pregnancy I would have to say one of my favorite moves is standing on the table doing the deep squats with the bar. This is because I am getting a stretch in my hips, low back, plus getting the muscles working."