Fall Client Feature: CJ

You know that cozy Fall feeling of being wrapped up in a warm blanket with a hot cup of cinnamon apple cider and a good book?  That's what it feels like to be around CJ.  Warm, cozy, at ease, and loved.  CJ is truly the 'mother' of our Studio as her care for others envelops every one she meets.  Her energy permeates every space that she enters and she sprinkles kindness everywhere she goes.  Neil Young would not need to keep searching for a 'Heart of Gold' if he met her.  

CJ's Pilates journey has been one of my favorites to experience.  Her commentary always brings a smile to my face and her body awareness inspires me.  She has been truly dedicated to her practice and it shows.  

"My name is CJ and I am a person who has always been pretty active and fit. I took it pretty much for granted until I found myself unable to do the things I wanted to do. It was after having thyroid cancer I found myself tired-my body ached and when pursuing it with my physician I was prescribed PT. Those things did not help and then in Feb 2017 I saw an article for a new Pilates studio that was opening. That's when I met Katie. I am a realist so I wasn't looking for a miracle fad program, I just wanted to feel like the old me. After 2 months I found myself pretty amazed at how little I ached. I was sleeping better as a result so I had more energy. I had the good fortune of having my sessions following an inspiring young lady Katelyn. I met Molly who is like super women in my mind! Gradually I found I was getting back to my old self. I was so excited! My favorite move is the lunge on the reformer. Like so many I have tight hip flexors and psoas. That stretch is great and the feedback I get from my body it pretty incredible. There's nothing like an audible "clunk" of you femur head settling into its proper alignment. I was getting back into biking with my husband and regretfully in June I had a bike accident. I fractured my arm so had to take a hiatus. Here's the good news, I really think my work with Katie prior to that was key to my not only avoiding other injury-I didn't have one ache or soreness in my body. The impact it takes to fracture a bone is pretty great so to not have anything else in my body hurt is pretty amazing to me. Remember it was that generalized body ache that brought me to Pilates. I keep coming back for a few reasons. The people I have met at the studio are supportive, inspiring, and amazing. I get great results physically and the increased body awareness is very calming. I'm back at the studio doing modified workouts with Katie. I'm continuing my Pilates journey and encourage anyone To do the same. It's not competitive its personal."

Katie Jean Trzebiatowski