21 Day Sweet Detox




You already know that this substance is not the most ideal thing to have in your diet but yet why is it so hard to get rid of?  No matter how healthy you eat or how much you work out sometimes it seems like sugar is out there to doom you forever.  Everywhere you turn it's present and if you've ever tried to go 'no sugar' you know how addictive it is.  Take 'just one bite' and suddenly half a pan of cookies disappears!  Willpower alone doesn't always seem to conquer the impact that sugar has on the body and more often than not your best intentions only last a few days.  It's hold on your health is staggering and because you are here I'm guessing that you've had enough!   

Maybe you have been trying to lose a few pounds and keep trying to cut back on sugar to no avail or maybe you have a family history of diabetes and don't want to doomed to the disease.  Maybe you have a health condition that you know would greatly benefit from less sugar.  Or maybe you're just sick and tired of feeling sick and tired!  Whatever your reason is...I hear you!

The love for sugar starts young.

The love for sugar starts young.

I have ALWAYS had a major sweet tooth and my awakening moment came a few years ago when EVERY single one of my co-workers at the Pilates Studio I was working at asked me for a piece of chocolate on separate occasions!  I literally felt like a drug dealer!  Was my sweet addiction that obvious?!?!?  I was eating healthy and working out so what gives?!?!  I realized then how much I relied on sugar...even 'healthy' sugars to get through the day.  In-between my busy and often late night client schedule I'd scarf down Larabars and then have to rely on coffee to get me though the rest of the night.  My blood sugar levels were all over the place and something had to change.

I found my way to Sarah Wilson's book, "I Quit Sugar" and recall clearly the moment where she discusses her sugar addiction.  She talked about the sugar content of the healthy foods that she was eating and I clearly recall putting down the book and having one of those "Oh crap, that's me!' moments.  Apparently Larabars really are the equivalent of a glorified candy bar.  

Healthy and fit but still majorly inflamed from sugar.

Healthy and fit but still majorly inflamed from sugar.

I spent the next few months really figuring out what worked for me and my body.  A LOT of trial and error!  It took a lot of effort on my part to figure out what my body liked to fuel with to keep up with the demands of my career.  I joked with my clients that I would probably be like an addict going through withdrawals but once I learned tactics to support my body through the transition it really wasn't that bad.  I loaded up on small tools to help buffer the shifts of blood sugar drops.  It took effort initially to make changes but eventually everything fell into place.

The results were astonishing...the stubborn pounds easily came off and my natural energy increased.  You could visibly see less inflammation in my body and more tone to my muscles.  Not only that but my body just 'felt' better...my thinking and skin were clearer, I could concentrate and focus more easily, and it wasn't such a chore to wake up in the morning or try to fall asleep.  I could just feel how much healthier my body was and once I experienced that I knew that I could never go back. 

About the same weight as the first picture but far less puffy inflamed cheeks!

About the same weight as the first picture but far less puffy inflamed cheeks!

Now mind you, I don't deprive myself of a sweet every now and then but I have a much better handle on how sugar affects my body and I have tangible tools to help keep myself in check.  Life is far too short not to enjoy ice cream every now and then!  But enjoying a treat doesn't have to lead to a downward spiral of sugar dependency.  Treats are meant to be just that...a treat!  

The past few months at the Studio I have heard so many of you fearlessly open up about wanting to lose extra weight, eat healthier, and reduce your sugar intake.  This is exactly why I spent a year obtaining my certification as a Health Coach, I want to help you as much as I can!  I have gone through beating sugar addiction firsthand and I want to use the tools I have as a Certified Health Coach to help you get there yourself.  I always want you to feel your best in your body and we all know that you can't outwork a bad diet.  Complimenting healthy movement with healthy eating habits is what creates real change in our bodies and I want to help you get there.  

So what is our 21 Day Sweet Detox?  

Together, we will spend 21 days transitioning our body from craving and relying on all forms of sugar to using more sustainable sources of real food.  No gimmicks, crazy products, or weird foods!  We'll follow a simple 21 day plan that takes all the guesswork out of what to do, what to eat, how to move, and how to support yourself.  Within the program we will not only have great collaborate support but we'll find what works for you and you alone.  Here's what that will look like...


Week One-Phase Out

-We'll begin by transitioning the types of sugars that we are using and replace them with something better to prepare the body for a reduced sugar load.  You will get clear on your goals and what foods work for you.  We'll start to add in healthy detox habits that support your body and will aid in reducing cravings and we'll take a look at the emotional construct of our sugar cravings.  


Week Two-Here We Go

-Week Two we are all in!  It takes the body about 14 days to get rid of and regulate from sugar so after a week of slow preparation and transition we are ready to go!  You will be 100% clear on what to eat and when with foods that work for you.  Everything will be manageable and tolerable-I promise!  We'll amp up our self care and group support to make sure that the stage is set for your success.


Week Three-Stay the Course

-In Week Three we'll stay the course together and start to really tailor what our own bodies need and desire.  This is also the time where our self sabotaging kicks in so we'll get deeper on how our inner voice is connected to our self care.  We'll begin to set the course for transitioning back into the real world by getting clear on how to live low sugar in a sustainable way.  By the end of Week Three you will have done it and will feel glowing!

You will receive the following...

*Weekly Modules that are your roadmap to success.  ($60)

*Weekly meal guides that we'll customize to your lifestyle and food palate. ($45)

*Private Facebook Group where we will support one another, give extra tips, and have fun! 

*Weekly Facebook Live Tutorials and Check In's. 

*Two One on One 30 Minute Health Coaching Calls.  We'll get clear on where you're at, where you want to be, and how to get you there. ($50)

*A Goodie Box with my go to essentials for living low sugar! ($25)

*My undivided support, attention, and love!  Having a crazy craving and feeling the need to walk two miles for a candy bar?  Reach out!  I'm here!  

*Bonus: My top moves to tone tutorial. ($20)


Program Price $99 ($200 total value!)

Our programs starts on June 13th so that we can get you feeling your best by the fourth of july.


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